Protecting your intellectual property online

copyright lawMany people think that the only way to protect their intellectual property online is to just not post it. Not only is that unrealistic if your livelihood is associated with your creation, but it doesn’t do anything to stop someone else from posting a copy of your work. Even when it comes to non-professional artists, writers and photographers the ground can get slippery. The terms and conditions of social network sites can come with some surprising clauses about who owns the electronic copyright to the item. There are several things you can do to protect yourself according to one Baltimore accident lawyer.


Register the work

Whether it is a painting, poem or engineering design you want to register the work with the proper agency. In some instances, as with patents and schematics, you may need a lawyer to help you file the paperwork. In all cases you may benefit from having a lawyer help you, as one of the unexpected complications is that many countries don’t recognize an other’s copyright use. There has been a lot of work done to try and standardize protection on a global scale, but there isn’t anything solid in place yet.


Be aware of the protections allowed non-professional work

If you take a snapshot and post it to your social media account you may be giving them permission to use it for marketing purposes, or to resell it. Always make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully, as well as any privacy updates that are issued. One good practice to adopt is checking your privacy settings at least once a month. There have been some notorious cases in which a social media network updated a privacy policy and automatically switched privacy settings to the new policy only allowing users to opt out, not opt in. Apple is currently going through a same process with their recent announcement about opting out of their news feed.


What to do when your creation is used by someone else?

Get a lawyer, like Lawyer Bobby Zirkin – plain and simple. Some cases of reposting can be taken care of by contacting the site or company and asking them to remove the image or content, but your request will be attended to much quicker if it comes from a lawyer. Having a lawyer contact a company with a request is much more affordable than you think, and it can often be enough to resolve the problem.

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